Burger King

The One Club Young Ones – Burger King Brief


Judikaël Le Bayon, Art Direction, Copywriting
Mandana Karim, Art Direction

The One Club Young Ones – Merit
In recent years, Halloween (celebrated all around the globe) has become a big occasion in Burger King’s calendar. However, consideration for Burger King amongst 18-24 year-olds is 10% lower than their own parents. BK is not top of mind nor cool enough for younger people. We needed to come up with a big, bold idea that will hack the Halloween conversation, become a part of popular culture and engage younger guests with the Burger King brand. BK Ghosted illustrates a different take on Halloween. Millennials aren’t scared of vampires, zombies or creatures from the dead. What’s really haunting them is the fear of being ghosted. The campaign is a social stunt on Halloween, encouraging millennials to share their worst ghosting stories with Burger King for free Whoppers.


Burger King Ghosted originally started as a digital/online campaign on Twitter. The audience is encouraged to share their worst ghosting stories by taking a screenshot of their text message conversation, and sharing it with Burger King through the hashtag #BKGhosted.


In order to extend the awareness of this campaign, we’ll launch a series of posters following the “ghosting” theme to promote the hashtag.


After going through all the ghosting stories received, and filtering the best ones, the most worthy texts will be displayed across cities as an out-of-home execution. 


Being ghosted basically looks like a repetition of text messages. This same repetition of shape and color can be witnessed on crosswalks. As an ambient/guerilla execution, we’ll display ghosted text messages as crosswalks in cities.

In Store

On Halloween, the ones who shared their ghosting stories will be able to use their free Whopper meal ticket in BK stores across the country. The best ghosting stories will receive limited Ghosted crowns.