Burger King
Whopper Sr.

Clio Awards Student Brief – Burger King


Judikaël Le Bayon, Art Direction & Editing
Peter Westberg, Copywriting
Mike Becker, Photography
In recent years, April Fools’ has become a major date for Burger King. Campaigns like “Chocolate Whopper”, “Left-Handed Whopper” and “Whopper Easy Order” have generated massive engagement, particularly amongst young guests. And that’s a big deal. The most successful April Fools’ campaigns from Burger King were centered on an outrageous new product that seemed stranger than life or too good to be truth. We were tasked to come up with ideas that will become the ultimate April Fools’ prank, hijacking social conversation around the date and becoming a relevant part of popular culture. So we have the Whopper, the Whopper Jr, do you see what’s missing? Exactly. The Whopper Sr, specifically crafted for your grandparents. The first burger that requires no chewing.