Digital Athletics

Young Glory 2019 Brief 01 (School Project)


Judikaël Le Bayon, Art Direction & Copywriting
Photography from The New Company campaign
Teenagers were born in a digital age. From Minecraft and Unturned to Tik Tok, Instagram, and YouTube the online world is constantly reeling teenagers back into their screens. On the one hand, they need to be well-versed in the tools of our connected age. But on the other hand, this digital overload is terrifying, playing havoc with their mental health and having a negative impact on their development. How do we convince today’s teenagers to spend less time online when society seems determined to keep them glued to their screens? Connect in order to disconnect. Convince and enable them to disconnect… and inspire them to convince their friends and followers to do the same. We started with two main insights:

1. Gen-Z teenagers are the most fashion-conscious individuals on the planet. They use it as a medium to express themselves, bond with peers, gain social status.

2. Sports and exercising is the activity that brings teenagers the most happiness.

The big idea was turning teenagers daily screen time (time spent on their phone) into a running time challenge that’ll unlock an exclusive Nike clothing collection.


Digital Athletics is a unique sportswear collection by Nike, only available to those who complete the #DigitalAthleticsChallenge. The daily average screen time spent on the phone is converted into a running time challenge, on the Nike Run Club app, to completed in a week. The more time you spend on the phone, the harder the challenge. On the other hand, the less time you spend on the phone, the easier the challenge.


The collection will be promoted on the Nike website. Items from the DA collection will remain locked unless the challenge is completed on the Nike Run Club app.

Influencers Promotion

The Digital Athletics campaign will be boosted through Instagram, a platform where teens spend most of their time and where the fashion culture thrives. Influencers, as well as Nike sponsored athletes will promote the sportswear collection on the social platform.

Instagram Ads

In addition, sponsored ads will run through the Nike account, showing the looks of the new collection, as well as teens—who completed the challenge—showing off unique outfits.

Interactive OOH

For awareness purposes, the Digital Athletics pattern will be displayed on billboards, and used as a QR code, encouraging people to scan it and gain access to the challenge.